Social Impact

As a company, we acknowledge that we are doing business in a foreign country, with cultures and lifestyles that are totally different from our own.

Therefore, as we proceed into each community or village:

We will be sensitive to how our steps impact our local neighbors with our desire to build a good and lasting name and reputation;

We will not try to change others culture, but, work to enhance the quality of life of those we interact with;

We invite others to better education, training, utilization of our technology, equipment and methods of doing business;

We will be sensitive to, and monitor, whether or not we are having a positive or negative impact to our surrounding neighbors;

We will be ready to adjust any programs so that their impacts are beneficial for the majority;

We will work to elevate the standard of living of those around our projects in sustainable ways that improve core areas like diet and nutrition, education and health care;

We will be alert to create opportunities to positively influence the youth, as they re the caretakers for future generations.





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